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Client Services




Bluebird Associates, LLC provides its clients and investment partners with real estate investment services that include property acquisition, construction, management and brokerage.



Bluebird Associates, LLC has been involved in construction management for many years and has overseen numerous projects involving the renovations and construction of residential and commercial properties.





Bluebird Associates, LLC has extensive experience identifying solid real estate investment opportunities, performing financial analysis, completing due diligence, securing financing, closing transactions, and repositioning properties for above average cash flow and returns on investment.




Bluebird Associates, LLC has years of experience managing both residential and commercial properties. The properties consist of retail, office and residential units. Management services include:

· Property maintenance
· Tenant relations
· Rent collections
· Lease renewals
· Accounting
· Investor relations



Bluebird Associates, LLC is affiliated with Square Foot, LLC and utilizes Square Foot, LLC's Brokerage Services, including property acquisitions, leasing, dispositions and 1031 exchanges.

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